Family Coaching

60-minute sessions, packages available
  • Home or site visits assess strategies to strengthen the family foundation of social and emotional skills and compassionate communication
  • Tailored strategies for peaceful parenting unique to your family experience, including weekly parent conferencing
  • Lessons in mindfulness, empathy building perspective-taking techniques, and age-appropriate, conflict resolution strategies

Children’s Mindfulness & Tutoring (for ages 4+)

60-minute sessions, packages available
  • Creative tutoring techniques that use the arts and mindfulness to teach literacy and early math skills
  • Instruction in focus building allows children to calm their minds before engaging with learning tasks that cause them anxiety
  • Feedback and follow up is given to parents after each session on strategies used during tutoring

Compassionate Communication Classes (for ages 3+)

Six 60-minute sessions, 6 child max., packages available
  • Small groups of children work together to learn skills that enhance focus and self- control and nurture empathy
  • Children explore conflict resolution strategies that model how to build healthy relationships with others by mastering perspective taking techniques
  • Children learn to navigate social interactions through the arts, storytelling,  games and movement and mindfulness


Services are also available for leading parent and child workshops in schools and child development centers, and after-school programming.